Elected Officers

Charlotte Mariasy
Dean mariasy@saintroseonline.org
Vacant Sub-Dean
Paul Monachino Secretary toledoago419@gmail.com
Joan McConnell Membership jmcconne@heidelberg.edu
Dr. Matt Meinke
Treasurer matt7okc@gmail.com

Executive Committee

Class of 2021 : Dennis Blubaugh
Class of 2022 : Dan Boyle, Neil Kraft, Chris Nevarja
Class of 2022 : Kathy Mumy, Jane Weber


Auditor Lyle Heckilinger
Mailing Jeff Bunke
Education/Scholarship Denise Mathias
Historian, Telephone, Reservations Marilyn Hazzard
Membership/Directory Joan McConnell
Newsletter Paul Monachino
Nominating Joan McConnell
Placement Jim Chidester
Public Relations Ed Duling

*** For Membership Information***

Please Contact Joan McConnell, Membership Chair at: jmcconne@heidelberg.edu

***If you have articles, news, concerts, or vacant positions***

Please submit them to Paul Monachino at:toledoago419@gmail.com