Date Event Details
June 13, 2021 Virtual Scholarship Student Recital Many thanks to the teachers and students for their recent participation in the
Virtual Student Recital! These four performers did an excellent job with their
repertoire, and the two recent scholarship recipients show excellent progress
in their skill development. Included below is a little more information about
each of them that was not possible to include in the video as well as the selections performed.
Click Here for more information. Scholarship_Student_ Recitals_2021
Donations are always needed to support the scholarships—if you would like to give
send your donation to Matt Meinke, Toledo AGO treasurer.

The Recital has been posted on the
Toledo AGO YouTube channel.

June 27 – July 2, 2021 AGO Organfest 2021 Armed with the knowledge acquired when producing the 2020 OrganFest, Michael
Velting and his committee produced a more spectacular OrganFest2021. If you were
not able to view the event a few weeks ago it is still available.
Click on the link Below for more information. AGO_Organfest2021.